African and Indigenous Knowledge Network

African and Indigenous

Knowledge Institute (AIKI)

The African and Indigenous Knowledge Institute (AIKI) provides strategic education platforms and technical assistance to families, organizations, and communities.

Within AIKI is the Center for African and Indigenous Policy and Praxis (CAIPP) is dedicated to disseminating and preserving local traditions of the African and Indigenous worlds.

CAIPP works with local leaders, elders, and educators to identify and protect cultural knowledge. In addition, it leverages data in partnership with countries and municipalities to create African and Indigenous-centered policy.


Dr. Elisha Hall focuses on strategic planning, sustainable innovation and bridging African descendants across global Africa.  Currently, Dr. Hall uses African-centered education to develop the next generation of change-makers. He teaches social entrepreneurship at the Center for Literacy and African Development University in Niger. He is also the Director of the African and Indigenous Knowledge Institute, a grassroots education entity that works with families and institutions to improve learning and wellness.


As Director, he is works to unite African-centered educators throughout the diaspora. He provides educational tools and virtual learning environment for families and organizations, and produces research and policy papers on race and African Indigeneity. He recently received his PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago which focused on examining how West-African oral tradition and storytelling can heal youth and adults.