Virtual Meditation Sessions for University Students

Free meditation workshops from now until 2021

With the pandemic, virtual learning, and the horrific violence in Nigeria, AIKI is offering students and universities an opportunity to learn how to use meditation and other mindfulness practices to develop a necessary stress-relief toolkit.

In two separate studies in the U.S. and East Africa, university students are more increasingly becoming more depressed, anxious and stressed due to virtual learning and other ongoing factors associated with the pandemic. Furthermore, 55% of students claim to have more mental health concerns this year than they did this same time last year, and 25% have talked about suicide within the last 30 days.

These statistics are alarming. However, in addition, students across the African diaspora are also dealing with the traumatic, deadly attacks in Nigeria, where security forces reportedly shot and killed 12 young adults on October 21, 2020.

It is clear, our students need holistic support in and outside of the classroom. In response to recent events and the ongoing difficulties of virtual learning from K-12 and at the collegiate level, AIKI is offering free meditation sessions for the rest of the year. If you know a school that is interesting in scheduling sessions, please contact Elisha Hall at